Monday, August 4, 2008

Art Mural

Sunday morning…. Yeaaaaaaahhhh…. It Sunday… It’s time to rest from the hectic lifestyle. I woke up a little bit late this morning, however my kids already woke up earlier. They played in their rooms. I asked my hubby to check them in their room, well... what are they doing. It’s very important to monitor them and guess what the activities…Diyana watched cartoon in her room whereas Danial and Danish were happily make an art mural in their room!!!!!! And once again, Danish lead these activities… hmmmmm… Danish and Danial had creativity in their mind and walls were much bigger area compared to the paper. My hubby was very angry and told Danial to rub out the drawing. Diyana help Danial to remove the colours. Kids are kids… they play and learn in different ways. We as a parents have to give them guide and monitor their activities every minutes to ensure the safety of them.

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