Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I always believe in faith and if we wish to have good faith in our life, we must work very hard. Then may Allah bless our life.

I think everybody know the famous quotation as the title of my post. And what is the relationship with faith???

Well... in real life, sometimes we put so much trust on people and we don’t know the history and background of that person. As the person seems so naïve, we consider that person must be from a good family and can be trusted. As time goes, the relationship become closer and we start to consider that person as part of our family.

One of my pals lost her money from the person that she trusts. My friend was the owner of a family business. She hired her relatives to help her. She also hired some workers to run her business. For me, she’s a good boss. As the time goes, the relationship between employer and employees become very close and the trust was built. The income from the business was quite good. However, the cash was kept in the unlock drawer in that place.

Reasonable man test can prove that a person may lose his mind if the person faith was not as good to other person. Money is one of the factors that can change people mind set.

The money was stolen from the place and everybody finger point to each other. One of the workers had confessed to her that she stole that money. However, that person changed her confession to not guilty. She claimed that since nobody else confessed, so she took that responsibility. And she also claimed that she will return back that money soon. If we look in legal aspect, it is still considered as theft as mention in the case of Ward v PP.

I was very surprised when I heard that news. For me, she’s seem like a good girl and how could her do that to her employer. I hope that my friend will lodge a police report because this is a criminal case. Section 378 of Penal Code state the offence of theft:
Accused takes the property; or
Accused moves the property in order to take; and
Out of the possession of the person in possession; and
Without consent; and
The property is movable
Accused has the dishonest intention

The punishment was in section 379 of Penal Code where for the first offence, the penalty was 7 years jail or fine or both.

Moral of the story: Criminal cannot run from the justice. Allah always sees us… everyday, every minute and everywhere. Be afraid to Allah…

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