Friday, July 11, 2008

Learn and Fun

Last month before schools holiday starts, the kindergarden school had a report card day on Saturday. The teachers briefly explained the progresssion of my kids especially Diyana and Danial.

Danial Report Card
Mathematics: 100%
Language : 98%
English : 100%
Art : A+

Diyana Report Card
Mathematics : 89%
Language : 86%
English : 100%
Sciences : 94%
Art : A

The results was good and and I do not give any pressure to them about their results. As long as they have interest in study, it is good because they still a kid.

For preschool learning, I encourage them learning by using internet. The website from nickelodeon really useful web to give early exposure to english, mathematic and art. It also helps kids to develop their skills by using the internet. The web was interactive and user friendly. My kids having so much fun with Dora the Explorer.

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