Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attention To All House Owner!!!!!!

I'm really excited to share this news... well... HOMEDEC is TOMORROW!!!!

The most-awaited exhibition – HOMEDEC is making another comeback this 13-16 November 2008 at KL Convention Centre.

So, if you are planning any renovation, redecoration and refurbishment for the upcoming Christmas and Chinese New Year 09 celebrations, you must not miss visiting this interior lifestyle marketplace, as loads of benefits and ideas are in store in your pursuit to have a beautiful home.

Visitors will be spoilt by choice from the abundant interior design ideas and styles, home decorating guide, products and services available and also for those who need to ask the experts for guidance and tips to enhance their living spaces. They are all here at HOMEDEC!

HOMEDEC in this November will showcase more than 600 booths by 200 companies in 5 halls of the convention centre.

Among the product categories visitors can look for include:- audio visual equipment; electrical and home appliances; bath and sanitary ware; bedding, wardrobe and fittings; carpet, wall-covering and paint; curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings; doors, windows and roofing; finance and others; floor and wall finishes; furniture and home furnishing; garden, landscape and swimming pool; interior design clinic and consultation; kitchenware and household products; lighting and decorative items; smart home, security system and switches; tiles, glassware and building material; water heater, filtration and much more!


Actually... I like to visit HOMEDEC... there's a lot of shop... like one stop centre for all the stuff for our house... from renovation, equipments, painting, kitchen cabinet, automatic gate, grills, curtains, artwork and many more... so... let go to HOMEDEC... hehehehehhehehe.... just prepare the money.... huahuahuahuahuhua :D


CuTeMiUt78 said...

wah... best ni.. barang yg di post semalam tu.. salah satu homedec jugak.. harap2 sadi berkenan la ya..

Nurmala said...

saya suka gak homedec ni..
tapi x reti..
idea kering jerk

kirana said...

saye pon suka!dulu masa single lagi..stay kat kl lak..mmg tka lepaskan colect brochure sbb umah tak dak lagi ekkeke
skrg ni dok sban..nk gi tu ngn bwk anak mmg saye serik huhuh..

akak snap la gambo2 kat landscape room ..kalo sempat ehehhehe

zeti said...

zt suka deco2 umah ni.. harus pegi terjah nnt.. sadi pi x?

SaDi said...

cutemiut78... iye keee... mesti sadi berkenan nyeeee... huahuahuahuahua :D

nurmala... sadi suka pergi utk tgk quatation... masa sebelum pindah... mmg sadi banyak beli barang masa homedec laaa.... huahuahua :)

kirana... kalau sempat sadi mmg nak pergi... hari ni patutnya nak pergi... tapi hari ni laaa kena jumpa supervisor utk research... kalau sempat... nak jugak pergi... kalau tak... tahun depan je laaa..... huahuahuahua :p

zeti... pergi tau.. jgn tak pergi lak.. sadi tak tau lagi dpt pergi ke tak... tgh bz ngan research niii... rasa mcm tak sempat nak pergi... uuuuwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa :o

reena said...

beshnye....suke sgt bab deko umah nih..pd kite ada duit kompom cantiklah umah....takyah pakai eric pon *ihik*

SaDi said...

reena... sokong sangat... kalau ader duit... kompem rumah boleh jadi cantik... tengok cite eric tuu.. kita pun dah boleh pandai deco rumah... huahuahuahua... tapi part nak ader duit yg banyak tuuu laaa yg masalah besarnyeee.... kwang.. kwang... kwang :)

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