Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cameron Highland

3 May 2008, we had our vacation to Cameron Highland. I’ve planned this trip with my brother family. We woke up at 4.00am and start the journey at 6.00am. I prefer to go there early in the morning because less traffic. We arrived around 10.30am and we had our brunch at Brinchang Food Stall.

We stayed at Puncak Arabella. The apartment was quite nice with good facilities and fantastic view. After unpack our luggage, we start our tour at Strawberry Park. The strawberry was served with variable menu. My favourite was the strawberry served with sugar, vanilla cream and chocolate topping. It was delicious… I bought some strawberry, strawberry jam, strawberry juice and strawberry topping. My kids were very happy when they ate the strawberry. We went to several strawberry shops to taste the menu.

There was a night market on Saturday night. There was many stalls with variety good and food too… My hubby bought our dinner there. The next morning, we started our journey to BOH Plantation. It’s quite disappointed moment for me because the place was not as cold as last time. However, the scenery was nice. Then we had our breakfast at Bharat Tea Plantation. The tea shop was located at strategic place to view the scenery. It was very beautiful place to visit. After pack our baggage, we checked out at 12 noon, we went to the rose valley. There were park full of flowers and cactus. It was lovely place for romantic couple.

In my opinion, Cameron Highland was developing place and did not practice sustainable development. There was many land explored for plantation and housing. The weather was increase and it was not cold like last time. I hope that the Authority plays their major role to ensure that Cameron Highland would sustain its trademark as one of the coolest place in Malaysia.

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