Thursday, July 10, 2008

Langkawi…. 31 May-2 June 2008

Let’s have vacation…. Yeeaa!!!!! Langkawi…. Here we come. My kids were very excited when they saw a big red airplane… surely AIR ASIA. This was the first ride for them. Danial and Danish ware very amazed to see the big plane in front of their eyes. They were jumping and running with a loud laughing while waiting at the boarding room.

We had a great time in Langkawi with Along, Mak and Hajar’s family. We went to island hopping, mangrove tour, Gunung Mat Cinchang and also shopping…

The first place we went was Gunung Mat Cinchang. I had to queue up to 1 hour just to get the tickets. It was the peak time and there were many tourists. When we went up to the mountain, the place was so great and really beautiful… the island scenery with the ocean surrounding the land, it was magnificent and words cannot describe the beautiful scenery of the place….

It was very lovely place at Pulau Dayang Bunting. The island was very beautiful. The air was breezy and the water was sparkled beautifully. However, monkeys were everywhere and we had to caution about the plastic bag… the monkey will chase you if you had the plastic bag… Danish was cried when the monkey tried to grab Twisties plastic from his hand. Luckily, my hubby took immediate action to scare the monkey. That evening we went to town and shopping… I bought dinner set and cooking ware there.

On the last day, we went to Mangrove Tour… the place was very nature and I was amazed with the river… it was green and not chocolate like we used to have in Lembah Klang. There were many eagles and it was beautiful to have such place in our land.

On our way home, our flight delay about half an hour. After touch down at LCCT, Danial was refused to get down from the plane and he cried… he want to have the next ride.

We had a great time together, not just quantity but a very quality time…

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