Friday, May 2, 2008

Port Dickson and Putrajaya…

It was a very bored and stressed moment for me. I had tension headache for my paper this semester. Luckily, we did not have our class this week. I planned to get some refreshment out there. Even though I had many assignments with limited time for the date line, I need fresh air out there…

I planned to go to the beach and the nearest beach is Port Dickson. Our family packed ourselves and Port Dickson… here we come… Luckily, the plan run smoothly and we got a nice place to rest. It was sunny day and everybody get plenty burn everywhere. I had my rest under the hot sun and breezy air from the ocean. My hubby and the kids play at the beach. Diyana really loves the sea and she enjoyed the water very much. Danial preferred to build up his sand castle and Danish enjoyed seeing the little crabs at the shores. Its very lovely moment for me… And its already evening, its time to pack.

On our way home, we saw participant for the le tour de Langkawi. The kids look very amaze to see the bicycles and the road traffic policeman.

I don’t want the day end just like that. Then I booked a room at Putrajaya Shangrila Hotel and we spent a night there.

Early in the morning I woke up and planned to go to the swimming pool. After a light breakfast, we went to the swimming pool. I really suggest honeymoon coupled to spend a night at Putrajaya Shangrila Hotel because the room was very nice and the swimming pool was located at strategic view to see Putrajaya. My kids had very nice time there and we checked out that afternoon.

My stress level has reduced and its time to work harder….

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