Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new chapter of life

It has been quite sometime that I didn't spent quality time with my hubby, just the two of us without the children. After some argument before, we decided to spend quality time together. Just the two of us. We went to IOI Mall Puchong and played bowling. This activity can relieve stress. At first, we planned to watch movies at the cinema but we’ve already watched the movies via pirated VCD. During the game, we had a big conversations and discussions regarding our relationship. The conclusion from the discussion, just forgive and forget about the past. Our children need us and we have to play our role as a good parent. Thanks Mak, Along, Kak Kam, Kak Hajar, Kak Hanim, Abg Puaad and Kak Rozi to give me support and advice. I love my family and I don’t want this matter ruin our life.





Abg said...

waktu yg amat berharga bagi abg..terima kasih sayang..luangkan masa untuk abg..luv u 4ever

SaDi said...

Love you too.. there's always second chance in our life but do not take it for granted.

ezo said...

bestnye main bowling..
lagi best bile dpt habiskan masa dgn org tersayang

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