Wednesday, August 20, 2008


One lovely morning, after breakfast, Diyana switched on the television. She decided to watch HIGH 5 programs at Channel Play House Disney. Then Along came and took the remote control from Diyana. She switched to Channel 816, Olympic Program. Diyana was very angry and said, “Cik Long, kenapa tukar channel? Diyana nak tengok kartun”. Then Along replied, “Diyana, Olimpik takde siaran ulangan, dia 4 tahun sekali je tau. Cerita kartun ada ulangan. Sebab tu Cik Long nak tengok Olimpik.” Then Along said to me, “Ni gymnastic yang semalamkan. China ke USA menang?”. Then I replied, “China menang. Kan semalam dah tengok.” Then… Diyana said, “Kata Olimpik takde ulangan, ni dah ada ulangan, buat apa nak tengok lagi. Nana nak tengok kartun.” Along just smiled and switched back to the previous channel. This time… Along said, “WAKENABEB!!!!! AAAHHHHHHH…….”

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